when would i need wheelchair acessible vehicles!
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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs) are the vehicles that are extraordinarily altered so a wheelchair user can travel easily either as a driver or a traveler without expecting to exchange out of their wheelchair. Design, shape, and size of WAVs and Volkswagen motability cars will differ contingent upon the first vehicle that is utilized for the change. If you need to offer to your disabled relative on a wheelchair whether a child, a parent a parent, kid to enable them to join the family festivities.

Types of WAV

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs) come in every shape and sizes so you ought to have the capacity to find the one for you. To find more about sizes of WAVs and designs navigate the headings.


Standard WAV highlights include:

  • An implicit slope, or lifts on bigger vehicles

  • Access from the side or the back of the vehicle

  • A raised rooftop down or a lowered floor to permit enough headroom

Is a WAV appropriate for you?

With regards to choosing if a WAV is suitable for you – there's a great deal to consider. If you are not any more ready to exchange from your wheelchair to an auto situate, or if your career can't lift you, at that point, a WAV could be the best solution.

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